Tooth Testimony

Many seem to be skeptical about God’s healing. It does take a little faith. So, I am telling you this story that it may build your faith but it doesn’t mean to totally skip dentists or doctors.  At least have a little faith in God’s healing power because it does happen.  I have found that when I speak of it with words– it is like the person can’t believe it or handle it and they sort of drift off…So I am writing it.

As I finished writing my book, “Memories Under The Linden Tree” which is my testimony written in short stories, part of my tooth broke off.  My plan was to use the last of my “extra” thousand dollars to get the book published.  So, when I went to the dentist about my tooth, he said it needed to be pulled and it turned out it would cost the same amount as getting my tooth pulled. Also at one point he had said I needed a root canal. It must have been the look on my face, because the dentist seemed a little stressed when he told me that he has seen people have problems when then don’t get this done.

Okay, that was five years ago. Over the course of a year, this is what occurred:  Of course, I got my book published.  Parts of my tooth broke off and fell out.  I rinsed my mouth with peroxide every day. Soon, there was a hole in my gum where the tooth had been. I continued to rinse my mouth every day with peroxide.  Then one day, this black root popped out of the hole in my gum (Holy Ghost root canal!).  Continued to rinse my mouth. One day I felt something about 1/16 inch long protruding out of the roof of my mouth.  I could just feel it with my tongue. I wondered what it was but it didn’t bother me too much.  It was like a hard flap of something.  Well, I noticed over the course of a couple weeks or even days that it moved towards my teeth and soon there was a flap over my hole in my gum and it covered the entire hole! I was surprised too!  So, basically now I  have a partial tooth where there was no tooth!  Praise God!

About gmarmeier

Have always enjoyed writing in journals. Wrote my book to share testimony experiences including the supernatural. Stories about being a caregiver, single parenting & living through abuse & dealing with grief. Successfully raised three wonderful children who are all married now and have six wonderful grandchildren.
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